2 reasons why the Cardinals could make the postseason and 2 reasons why they will not

St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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It's safe to say that the Cardinals and the Cardinals' fans did not expect to be dead last in the NL in June. The Cardinals started out with an absolutely abysmal April, ending the month 10-18. They bounced back in May, posting a winning record of 15-13, still being 6 games under .500. The Cardinals entered June with high hopes, coming off a two-day rest, and proceeded to get swept in three games by the Pirates. They then lost the first game to one of the best teams in baseball, the Texas Rangers. Is it time for Cardinals fans to be genuinely worried about this team that has made the playoffs for the last four years and may miss the postseason this year?

The position that the Cardinals have put themselves in a situation where the stats do not favor them in making the playoffs, putting them 11 games below the .500 mark. This puts them at a 24.2% chance of making the postseason in 2023. With how poorly the Cardinals have played and being last in the NL, 24.2% can be seen as a significant number to make the postseason. However, there are two reasons why the Cardinals are still in the running for the postseason and two reasons why the Cardinals may clearly be out of the running this year.

At this point, believing in the 2023 Cardinals or giving up on their chances each seem like fair conclusions

Here are two reasons the Cardinals can still make the playoffs, and two reasons why they will fail to do so.