2 Cardinals who need more reps, 1 player who doesn't

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Masyn Winn needs more reps with the Cardinals

While Winn is seen as a risky option, he's also one of the more fun options the Cardinals have. One of the top rookie prospects in the organization, Winn has tremendous arm strength and is speedy around the base path.

The St. Louis home opener crowd saw how dynamic Winn can be when the youngster capped off a scoring surge in the seventh inning by knocking a triple.

Winn drove in Alec Burleson, making the score 8-5, which was the final score on Thursday.

In addition to his speed, he has a cannon for an arm and can pull off some fantastic grabs at shortstop. The Cardinals brought in Brandon Crawford to help Winn out for leadership purposes. Tommy Edman was considered an option at shortstop to help Winn before his injury. But, Winn has taken in Crawford's advice and the guidance of Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith and is looking good on the field. It would be best to allow Winn to continue his development with St. Louis. Winn's services are needed more in St. Louis. He's done everything to prove himself at Memphis.