15 St. Louis Cardinals players who won't be back next season

The Cardinals roster is going to have a ton of turnover this offseason, and these 15 names will not be returning as a result of it.
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Casey Lawrence

Casey Lawrence was signed during the season to provide pitching depth for St. Louis, something they especially needed after trading some of their most impactful arms at the deadline and continuing to have other arms go down with injuries.

Lawrence did his job, appearing in 15 games and giving the Cardinals 27.1 innings of work. The problem was, that it came with a 6.59 ERA, and at age 35, this may be his last big league stop.

In 124 career innings at the Major League level, he's posted a 6.75 ERA, so it's hard to justify him being anything more than an innings eater for a team that is just trying to fill out games late in a season that is already lost. Maybe there is a resurgence coming, but my guess is that would have to happen somewhere other than St. Louis.