15 St. Louis Cardinals players who won't be back next season

The Cardinals roster is going to have a ton of turnover this offseason, and these 15 names will not be returning as a result of it.
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Taylor Motter

In what became a common occurrence in 2023, Taylor Motter would struggle for the Cardinals, be designated for an assignment, pass through waivers, and either sign a minor-league contract or be optioned to Triple-A.

In 29 games for the Cardinals, Motter slashed .171/.232/.211 with 0 HR and 2 RBI. He turned some heads in Spring Training and won the 26th man roster spot, but the regular seaosn was not kind to him.

Motter has bounced around the league a ton, but at every big league stop he's had, Motter has never posted above a .590 OPS, which came in his rookie season in 2016. While Motter appears to be a great veteran to have around and will likely land somewhere, the Cardinals' middle infield depth rules them out as a potential return.