15 free agent and trade near-misses that would've changed Cardinals history

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Oscar Taveras passing away, 2014

I remember the week the baseball world found out about the passing of Oscar Taveras. He has just put himself on the national scene during the NLCS loss to the San Francisco Giants but then passed away in a car accident in the Dominican Republic during the duration of the World Series.

The most important part of this point is that we lost a life in 2014, something that we can all agree we wished never would have happened and is a terrible tragedy.

While that's the most important thing to remember, we did also lose out on a potential superstar outfielder in the making. Taveras was the best Cardinals' prospect since Albert Pujols, boasting one of the best left-handed swings you'll see from a guy that young.

The Cardinals spent the next few years trying to find ways to replace what they thought he would become, trading for Ozuna, signing Dexter Fowler, and other moves that set the club back significantly.

No one knows how Taveras' career would have panned out, but it is crazy to think he would be turning 31 years old in June.