10 wildly different trade deadline deals the St. Louis Cardinals could pursue

There are many different routes the Cardinals can go at this year's trade deadline. Here are ten different packages that they could pursue.
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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St. Louis Cardinals receive Jose Quintana. New York Mets receive Matt Svanson, Mike Antico, and Kyle Leahy.

The Cardinals sure love their reunions, don't they? Bringing back Jose Quintana for the remainder of the season seems obvious, assuming the Mets will sell at the trade deadline. He's familiar with the organization and put up arguably the best stretch of his career in the second half of 2022. However, with the Mets' latest winning streak, they may not be as keen to let go of some key players on expiring contracts to make a playoff push.

But, if the Mets do find themselves out of contention at the trade deadline, Jose Quintana will be an under-the-radar piece they will certainly be shopping for. He signed a bigger contract and is not performing at the same level as he did with the 2022 Pirates, so the Cardinals won't need to part with as big a package as they did to acquire Quintana for the first time. He did pitch a gem against the Cardinals, but the 35-year-old veteran has an ERA approaching 5. Matt Svanson and Mike Antico are two interesting but ultimately flyer-level prospects and Kyle Leahy is a serviceable reliever the Mets can add to their bullpen now. Just like in 2022, acquiring Quintana isn't a flashy move, but it could pay dividends in the playoffs.

Pairing Quintana with the acquisition of another starter, just like the Cardinals did in 2022, could be the perfect recipe for success. As the starting pitching depth continues to be tested with Kyle Gibson's back injury and Lance Lynn's recent struggles, adding more veteran stability at a cheaper price point would benefit the team greatly.