10 wildly different trade deadline deals the St. Louis Cardinals could pursue

There are many different routes the Cardinals can go at this year's trade deadline. Here are ten different packages that they could pursue.
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St. Louis Cardinals receive Justin Lawrence and Jalen Beeks. Colorado Rockies receive Cesar Prieto and Jimmy Crooks III.

While the Mets and Red Sox may not be definitive sellers at this year's deadline yet, the Colorado Rockies certainly will have no hopes of contending in 2024. As the Cardinals look for potential bullpen upgrades, the de-facto Rockies closer Jalen Beeks may be an option they turn to. Though the Cardinals have many quality left-handed options, such as JoJo Romero and John King, adding another arm like Beeks, who's recorded a 122 ERA+ this season, would be another great addition to an already solid relief unit. Bullpen depth is always welcome, as the Cardinals could be one injury away from losing a key piece and needing a new pitcher to step up.

Justin Lawrence would be another worthy addition to a group that needs more right-handed options in high-leverage situations. While he has regressed significantly compared to his great 2023 campaign. However, it's difficult to write him off completely due to the volatile nature of pitchers at Coors Field. His funky delivery and above-average velocity make him a great buy-low candidate at the deadline.

Parting with Cesar Prieto and Jimmy Crooks III, two intriguing but not top-tier prospects, should be enough to finish the deal. Both have upsides, but with a wealth of catching depth, Crooks is redundant in the system. Prieto has also built significant value in the last season, so it may be a prime opportunity to sell high on him. It's an innocent-looking trade that seems inconsequential, but Mozeliak has won along the margins with deals like the JoJo Romero trade. Beeks and Lawrence could be diamonds in the rough, significantly impactful for a playoff push.