10 potential replacements for Cardinals' John Mozeliak if he steps down this season

The end of John Mozeliak's leadership with the Cardinals has been coming for awhile, but a second consecutive losing season may accelerate the timeline.
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Jeremy Reesor

One more name I want to throw out there from outside the organization (before getting to the last name that I teased earlier) is Toronto Blue Jays' Director of Baseball Operations, Jeremy Reesor.

Reesor began his time with the Blue Jays back in 2015 as a Baseball R&D Coordinator before being promoted to the R&D Manager in 2018. After working in that capacity for over four years, Reesor was promoted to Assistant Director of Baseball Operations before the promotion to Director of Baseball Operations in 2022.

Reeser is someone who was an early adopter PitchAI, a smartphone tool that motion captures biometric data and makes the information accessible to players, coaches, and front offices. He's another executive that people around the league have their eye on, and I think it's interesting that the Cardinals just hired another up-and-coming executive from the Blue Jays organization this past offseason.

Described as a "rising star" before his hiring by the Cardinals, Anuk Karunaratne was hired as the Cardinals' Senior Vice President of Business Operations in January. While Karunaratne was not involved in baseball operations with the Blue Jays, it is interesting that the Cardinals poached a name like that from Toronto, and it makes you wonder if they have their eye on someone like Reeser as well. Even if they don't we see all the time hirings happen where connections have existed, and maybe we see something like that here.