10 potential replacements for Cardinals' John Mozeliak if he steps down this season

The end of John Mozeliak's leadership with the Cardinals has been coming for awhile, but a second consecutive losing season may accelerate the timeline.
Cincinnati Reds v St. Louis Cardinals
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Preston Mattingly

Recognize the name? Preston Mattingly is the son of former Yankee first baseman and Major League manager Don Mattingly. In that same story I referenced from Sarris, Mattingly was brought up by a rival executive as a future general manager due to being loved by players, coaches, scouting and analysts.

There is something about growing up around the game that can give people a certain edge. Yes, it gives them quicker access to opportunities that others would not get, but it also gives them an edge in the sense that they've lived and breathed professional baseball since they were a kid and they know how to handle themselves.

Mattingly is currently the Phillies Assistant General Manager, and that is one organization that has continued to impress fans and executives around the league for their aggressive team building. Mattingly has also served as a scout for the Padres and the Phillies farm director for a short period as well.

If the Cardinals went outside the organization with their hire, I would be shocked if we did not hear Mattingly's name at least thrown out there or mentioned as someone they are looking at.