10 players the Cardinals can target at the trade deadline to help them in 2024

The St. Louis Cardinals will be active at this trade deadline, and these 10 players could be intriguing targets for their 2024 team
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RHP Bryce Miller, Seattle Mariners

Lastly, I wanted to end with another Seattle starter, as I just think the two clubs make way too much sense to pull off a deal. Bryce Miller is another intriguing arm that St. Louis could target in talks with the Mariners.

Before the season, Miller was the Mariners' second-best prospect and boasts a great fastball-slider combo. Miller has the kind of stuff to be a great pitcher for a long time, and at just age 24, he has a lot of time left to grow.

Miller is 5-3 with a 3.97 ERA and 55 SO in 59 innings this year. While his strikeout stuff hasn't been quite the same as it was in the minors (8.4 SO/9 in MLB compared to 10.8 SO/9 in MiLB), it does indicate there is room to grow for the right-hander. Miller will likely require a similar package as Gilbert, but again, he represents a long-term answer to one of the club's biggest problems.


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