10 bold predictions for the Cardinals trade deadline and second half of the season

The Cardinals have an eventful second half ahead of them that will define the 2024 season and beyond, here are my 10 predictions for how it will shake out
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox
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7. John Mozeliak and Oli Marmol keep their jobs, leadership shake ups come from front office promotions and coaching staff changes

John Mozeliak is not getting fired. That I am completely sure of. I'm also pretty confident that Oli Marmol isn't going anywhere.

What I do think we will see between now and Spring Training is some shake-ups in the front office leadership hierarchy and the coaching staff. Mozeliak already indicated multiple times earlier this year that changes were coming to how the front office was run, as part of his extension was to give the organization time to make leadership changes for when he left his current role.

I expect to see Randy Flores and Michael Girsch receive promotions, likely through a restructure of how the front office does its business. Mozeliak will retain his role as the President of Baseball Operations until his contract is over following the 2025 season, but I imagine he'll begin taking some steps back and letting Flores and Girsch have more control.

One name I think is squarely on the hot seat coaching-wise is Dusty Blake. Fair or unfair, the pitching has been horrendous this year, so I can see him becoming a "fall guy" of sorts. I'm not certain changes will happen to the coaching staff, but I would not be surprised one bit.