10 bold predictions for the Cardinals trade deadline and second half of the season

The Cardinals have an eventful second half ahead of them that will define the 2024 season and beyond, here are my 10 predictions for how it will shake out
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox
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6. Masyn Winn makes his MLB debut

If one of the Cardinals' young bats is dealt, a path for Masyn Winn to join the Major League roster because very real.

After a really slow March and April for Winn in Triple-A, he stabilized himself with a .799 OPS in May and .763 OPS in June, while exploding to slash .306/.375/.556 during the course of July.

The Cardinals have cracked the door open once again on the shortstop position by giving Tommy Edman an extended run in center field. If he is dealt at the deadline, that door really swings open, but if not, I still think there is a good chance Winn can pick up reps in the middle infield. Edman is also dealing with a wrist injury right now, so he may be down for a bit.

Paul DeJong also has potential to be dealt at the deadline, with a number of contenders needing shortstop help.

Winn would be a great player to have on the club for the remainder of the season to see what he offers the club, get his feet wet, and be ready to take over full-time on Opening Day in 2024.