10 bold predictions for the Cardinals trade deadline and second half of the season

The Cardinals have an eventful second half ahead of them that will define the 2024 season and beyond, here are my 10 predictions for how it will shake out
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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5. The Cardinals will play above .500 baseball during the second half

I honestly think the clubhouse is going to feel a breath of fresh air in the clubhouse with the moves the Cardinals will be making. Those who are not traded know they are in the Cardinals' plans for 2024 and can begin to build this team back up together during the second half.

While I do not expect the club to be really good the rest of the season, I do think they'll stabilize their play more and look more like the team they should.

This will be especially true if they are able to acquire some of those new young arms they need. If they mostly just sell, it may be difficult to find enough innings to really win enough games. But honestly, if this prediction falls flat, I think the Cardinals will be just fine next season.