1 player from every playoff team that the Cardinals should target this off-season

The Cardinals will be keeping a close eye on the starting pitching market this winter, and some of the players they should target will be pitching for their current respective teams in the 2023 postseason.
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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Shelby Miller

The former top prospect of the Cardinals is back in the big leagues pitching out of the Dodger bullpen and he has had an outstanding season.

Miller made 63 starts with St. Louis from 2012-2014 going 26-18 with a 3.33 ERA, he was then traded to the Braves in the Jason Heyward trade. Injuries really slowed down Miller after his time with the Cardinals, including a strange injury where he had his finger hit the dirt of the pitcher's mound and he began to lose feeling in that finger. After that freak injury, from 2017-2022 he only pitched in 101.2 innings in the big leagues with 5 different teams. but he has revamped himself with the Dodgers this season.

This season he has made 36 appearances, a career high and he has a 1.71 ERA, his lowest in a season since 2012. He has walked 19 hitters in 42 innings which is a bit high, but on the other hand, he has only allowed 19 hits which gives him a career-low 0.91 WHIP. I always like seeing ex-Cardinals eventually make their way back to St. Louis, and Miller could be a nice addition to the Cardinal pitching staff and not cost that much either.