1 encouraging, 2 discouraging signs from Dodgers sweep of Cardinals

Dylan Carlson
Dylan Carlson / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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Discouraging: If it weren't for bad luck, they would have none at all

How terrible is it to see the team get some timely hits and take the lead, only to have something trivial happen the next inning that completely throws the unit off? Something random happens that throws their whole game off. The team can't pull it together to once again get those hits and plays to get back in the game. They look trapped and unable to work their way out.

The Cardinals have dealt with a string of getting good things to happen, only to have those good things erased to incredibly terrible bad luck.

The team has maintained an excellent mindset through all of this, as you hear the team working on things in their control. They talk about being in the moment to make good things happen. They talk about not allowing outside influences to creep into their heads to throw them off their game. Maintaining their mental health through this bad stretch of play is good, and I'm glad they are doing so. It will make the good moments for when they break out of this all the better.