Cardinals Trade Target: Why Jose Quintana Makes Sense for St. Louis

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The St. Louis Cardinals are looking to bolster their starting pitching at this year’s trade deadline, and although some bigger names have caught their eye, there is one under-the-radar name within their division that could make a lot of sense for the Cardinals.

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ Jose Quintana.

Quintana, who is on his fifth major league club, is seeing a career resurgence for the Pirates this season, coming in with a 3.50 ERA in 103 innings of work so far this season. Most Cardinals fans know Quintana from his time with the Cubs, as he never quite panned out for the North Side and had an ERA of 4.24 during his time there.

While Quintana is not an exciting name, he is a quality starter, one that would immediately bolster the St. Louis rotation and relieve so much of the pressure from the team. This is not to say that Quintana should be the biggest or only name St. Louis grabs, but he does make a lot of sense.

The Cardinals starters have a combined ERA of 4.04 on the season, making Quintana already a huge boost over the average outing St. Louis has received. Add on the ability to play on a contender, pitch in a pitcher friendly stadium, and in front of one of the best defenses in the game, and Quintana could see his numbers improve even more in the second half.

HIs success against Cardinals rivals, particular the Milwaukee Brewers, and the price point on Quintana are more motivating factors as well that will be covered in the next slides.

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