St. Louis Cardinals plan to push forward despite positive test

Despite another positive test on Friday, the St. Louis Cardinals are still planning on moving forward with their plan to head to Chicago and play Saturday.

The St. Louis Cardinals can’t get anything done easily this year. On the eve of traveling to Chicago to begin the tall task of catching up with the rest of the league, the team has learned about one more new positive test.

Since last Friday, the team has been on full quarantine, meaning this positive test was one that came from the second wave the team experienced. This is likely not a new exposure and the team had not yet reconvened, meaning the staffer who tested positive did not spread it to anyone else on the team.

From Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the positive test was one that was more or less confirmed from an inconclusive one last weekend.

Because the team has still been isolating, this new test is likely not going to delay the team’s trip to Chicago. Up until yesterday, the Cards were supposed to open a three-game set against the White Sox on Friday. In an attempt to put as much time between the outbreaks, the team pushed that game back to a doubleheader on Saturday.

The team is continuing to test, but it seems they are going to be trying a new way to travel to preserve quarantine as long as possible.

Check the highways tomorrow, you may see Cardinals driving to Chicago.

In a vacuum, this does make sense. We know that there is an extended incubation period where carriers of the virus will test negative but still will get it. If the team can travel to Chicago completely separately, they can practice once they get one final round of test results.

The health of the staffer is the biggest worry at this point, but ensuring no more players or staffers are infected is paramount. If the Cardinals go through another outbreak, it could be the final nail in the coffin for the team in 2020.

John Mozeliak spoke to the media Thursday night, here’s the best we could find from that meeting.

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This post will continue to be updated, but for now, the Cardinals will be returning to action on Saturday with a doubleheader.

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