St. Louis Cardinals: No positives on Tuesday sets track for Friday return

The St. Louis Cardinals appear to have capped their outbreak at 13 people as Tuesday’s news reveals no new positives among all tested.

After close to a week of bad news, the St. Louis Cardinals have finally received some fantastic news.

After the team found out about two positive COVID-19 tests on Friday, the Cardinals have had seven total games canceled. The team is continuing to self-isolate in their Milwaukee hotel as their positive count rose to 13 on Monday.

The rumors of players going to a casino (proven false) and fears of a further outbreak hung a dark cloud over the entire organization. Nobody knew how long the team would be out of action and morale was very low.

However, per Jon Heyman, the team had zero new positive tests on Tuesday.

This is the best news the team could’ve received today as this is the first step towards working through the outbreak. In hindsight, the Cardinals did a fine job of canceling games immediately and quarantining the entire team.

-UPDATE- This report has been confirmed by the team. No new positives today. 

The team was hopeful that canceling the four-game series against the Tigers this week would be the last of the necessary cancelations. Right now, that looks like it will be the case.

There is always the chance that the team gets another positive test tomorrow due to the incubation period of COVID-19. However, if they get another clean slate, they should be fine to resume the season Friday against the Cubs at Busch.

While just seven of the 13 positives are players, the Cardinals are going to have to use their satellite camp to fill the spots of not only the players but the staffers too.

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As far as who fills those spots, we will see soon enough. For now, no new positive tests are a huge win for the team and their hopes to return to play on Friday.

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