St. Louis Cardinals: MLBPA to vote Monday, please let this end

The fate of the 2020 St. Louis Cardinals season may be decided on Monday as the MLBPA is set to vote on the most recent MLB proposal.

After delaying on Father’s Day, the MLBPA is going to vote Monday on whether or not to accept the most recent proposal by the owners for a 2020 season. If they accept, the plan for a St. Louis Cardinals season will finally be set.

After the most recent proposal by the owners garnered a counter-proposal from the players, the owners were very upset. Their most recent 60-game proposal that was found after a meeting between Rob Manfred and Tony Clark was viewed as an agreed-upon deal by the owners when the players saw it as a stepping stone.

Now, after another week of lollygagging and delaying, the players won’t have a chance to get in a 70-game schedule (doubleheaders are now off the table for some reason) and are being forced to either accept the 60-game proposal or let Manfred implement the season.

It’s all very messy still, as even on Sunday, Rob Manfred was offering to change the proposal to take away the expanded playoffs and DH for the 2021 season.

This is something the players want because of the rising concerns with COVID-19. It was going to be nearly impossible for zero players to get the virus, but after reports of players in multiple camps having it, players are asking for more assurances that they won’t be surrendering 2021 without a fight.

The players were initially scheduled to vote on Sunday but delayed the vote to gather more information.

If you’re like me, you just want this to be over with. The damage to the sport has already been done and every day that goes by without an agreement, both sides look worse and worse.

In my eyes, the players need to accept this deal. I am and have always been on the side of the players, but sometimes you need to take the best deal you can get. I may be wrong in saying that, but it just seems like it needs to be over. If the two sides can figure out a plan for the financials, they will be much more motivated to figure out the health and safety side of all this.

The latter can’t be easily negotiated on without the elephant in the room (the financials) discussed.

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As the news comes out, we will continue to update you, but for now, all we can do is just wait and see what ends up happening with the vote today.

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