St. Louis Cardinals: Cardinals 2020 MLB Draft Guide

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With no baseball on, Redbird Rants has decided to bring St. Louis Cardinals fans a mini-draft guide to help fill fans in on the draft. This guide is based on who the Cardinals could potentially draft in the first round.

With the 2020 St. Louis Cardinals season being delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, fans have been mainly just looking forward to when baseball season will begin. With all of the wild division plans that have been tossed around and the feud between the owners and players, it does not seem like we have much of an idea of what’s in store for the 2020 season.

Something that has been overlooked by most through this process though is the MLB Draft. We have heard little news about it, but it seems like a definite that it will end up being pushed back by at least a month.

What we do know though is that the players and the owners agreed to shorten the MLB Draft from 40 rounds to only five and that signing bonuses will be significantly smaller than previous years. This is very bittersweet but is ultimately is the decision that had to be made, due to the lack of scouting because of the 2020 College Baseball season being canceled.

The good news though is the seniors who end up going undrafted will be able to return to school with another year of eligibility, and another shot to prove their worth to MLB teams in 2021.

Per AP Writer Ronald Blum, the MLB will meet and discuss the official date for the 2020 MLB Draft soon, but all rumors point to it being on the originally planned June 10.

The St. Louis Cardinals will still need to welcome a stud into the organization. Since the Cardinals finished the 2019 season with the 10th best record in the MLB, they will be picking 21st in the Draft. Since there was not much of a college baseball season, we at Redbird Rants decided to put together a draft guide for the fans to give them insight on some of the best options for the Cardinals.

In previous articles, I wrote about two guys who the Cardinals could draft in Mississippi State ace J.T. Ginn and Georgia’s flamethrower Cole Wilcox, so if you want to read in-depth reports about them; click the link over their names.

Top prospects like Emerson Hancock and Spencer Torkelson will be long gone by the time the Cardinals are picking so I decided to be realistic here. This draft guide consists of a few prospects who could potentially be available as well as fill needs inside the organization. So without further ado, here is the 2020 Redbird Rants Draft Guide.

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