Imagining an all-time St. Louis Cardinals alliteration team

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BRADENTON, FLORIDA – MARCH, 1935. Dizzy Dean, Frankie Frisch, and Sam Breadon discuss the upcoming St. Louis Cardinals season at spring training at Bradenton, Florida in March of 1935. (Photo by Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images)

How many great St. Louis Cardinals players have a first and last name that begins with the same letter? You’d be surprised to see how good this team is.

One of the ways to keep myself engaged during this strange time is by learning more about the history of the St. Louis Cardinals. I’ve discovered a great way to do this is simply scrolling through various lists on Baseball Reference, and then entertaining myself by finding patterns.

While doing this, I also thought about the different challenges and lists that ballplayers like Jack Flaherty have been producing on social media. The result was the creation of the all-time alliteration St. Louis Cardinals.

There are many great baseball players with alliterative names– from Mickey Mantle to Don Drysdale to Troy Tulowitzki, there have been thousands of players whose first and last names start with the same letter. The question I faced was which ones of these alliterative All-Stars were the greatest to wear the Birds on the Bat.

Made up of nine batters and five pitchers, the final roster boasts 36 All-Star appearances, 17 World Series wins, and three MVPs. Despite a few questionable defensive assignments, they are a surprisingly talented group. With apologies to Woody Williams, Mark Mulder, Greg Garcia, Miles Mikolas, and Giovanny Gallegos, I now present the official all-time alliteration St. Louis Cardinals.

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