St. Louis Cardinals: An update on potential pitching future

ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 9: Alex Reyes
ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 9: Alex Reyes /

The St. Louis Cardinals pitching staff notably needs some work this offseason after a year where the bullpen was suspect at its best.

With Jordan Hicks groomed to be the St. Louis Cardinals closer, and some competition to fill rotation spots, there will bright spots. The biggest issue is left handed relievers. Brett Cecil has not been good, and Tyler Webb just will not cut it.

Over the last few days, Jenifer Langosch has been active on updating the status off current pitching options, and potential signings. While there are some obvious names to look at, there were some big surprises too.

Alex Reyes

One of the biggest questions is top prospect Alex Reyes, and how he fits into the future. According to Langosch, the team is very happy with the progression of the pitchers rehab. They believe he is in a good position.

When he comes back he might not be a starter. After two arm injuries, he just might not be up to it. I think the bullpen is where he should wind up. He can be the St. Louis Cardinals right handed version of Josh Hader. If not only because Reyes is the top pitching prospect in the organization, as was Hader.

Lefty Options

There are obvious names on the free agent market that can fulfill the need for a reliable southpaw. Andrew Miller is the biggest name out there, but he is coming off of a tough year. Two other interesting names are Zach Britton and Justin Wilson, both former closers.

One name that surprised me, and everyone else, is Rick Ankiel. The former Cardinal pitching star has been in contact with John Mozeliak. According to Langosch, they will be in contact again this winter in regards to Ankiel’s pitching comeback.

Other News On Released Players

Trevor Rosenthal has been a guy talked about a lot while he has been on the road to recovery. The St. Louis Cardinals did attend his showcase, but there is nothing suggesting a Redbird reunion for the fireballer.

In the middle of the season, the Cardinals released Ryan Sherriff. He has since signed with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Peering Into 2019

These rumors and this news does little to provide any concrete answers. This team will look a lot different next season, especially considering the status of the 40 man roster. But, based on the reports from Langosch, there are a lot of elements to consider.

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There is a real chance that the St. Louis Cardinals can enter next season with a bullpen that is actually reliable. Especially if Reyes ends up there.