St. Louis Cardinals: Dakota Hudson might start on Monday

JUPITER, FL - FEBRUARY 20: Dakota Hudson
JUPITER, FL - FEBRUARY 20: Dakota Hudson /

There is a chance that Dakota Hudson could be starting for the St. Louis Cardinals on Monday against Cleveland.

It would be a well earned promotion. Dakota Hudson is pitching well for Memphis this year, and that might be underselling it. Even though John Gant was just called up to the St. Louis Cardinals in wake of Michael Wacha, that might not be the final decision.

All of this is based on hints and assumptions, but that can also be called hope. That being said, there is a serious web being strung behind the scenes here.

Drawing Conclusions

Gant, who was originally supposed to start yesterday, got called up and did not throw for Memphis. Taking his place was Daniel Poncedeleon, though that was a scripted outing. That leaves three options for Monday’s game. Gant, who is already on the roster, Poncedeleon, and Hudson.

So, you are saying there is a chance for Hudson? It still looks like it will be Gant going. But, that could be a move to give the team options against the Indians.

What Are The Odds?

I will still say they are not great. Gant is up, and logic would dictate he throws. Logistically speaking, Hudson would have to travel, where Gant would be with the team already. Not a big deal, but still, might throw a wrench in all of this.

Even though there is no reason that Hudson should not get the chance, the organization might want to hold off. The reasons why do not hold much merit, but they could be just enough.

Then again, I’ve been wrong before.

Hoop #1

Hudson is not on the 40-man roster at the moment. That means a corresponding move will have to take place. Like, say, moving Alex Reyes to the 60 day DL. Doing that would free a spot up without having to risk losing a player to waivers. It is not a complicated hoop to jump through by any means.

Hoop #2

Honestly, I got nothing. There is little reason for the St. Louis Cardinals to hold back on Hudson if the opportunity is there. Now would appear to be that time. The excitement is there, and it is not like Hudson has been pitching poorly this season.

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I really hope this happens. By all accounts, Hudson will be a solid MLB starter. But, and this might seem obvious, he actually needs to be given the chance. That sounds more bitter than it is. All I mean is that this is a good of a time as any.