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7. Should the Cardinals try to move any current MLB players at the deadline? If so who?

Josh: If the team can get a decent offer for Lance Lynn, they need to consider it. The team has guys who can slide into the starting rotation tomorrow, if needed. Capitalizing on Lynn’s value in a deal, instead of just potentially getting a draft pick for him, seems like the smart move for a team in limbo.

Dr. Miles: I believe the time is nigh to move Matt Carpenter and/or Kolten Wong. I just don’t see both left-handed infielders remaining on the team. Gyorko helps with this and the names offered above illustrate “replacements” that would improve the team over either or both Carpenter/Wong.

Tito: This obviously hinges on where the Cardinals are at the end of July. Considering I am a buyer, I don’t think the Cardinals should move anyone from the current roster. I think the team still has a chance. However, ask me on July 31st to see if I give you the same answer.

If there is a person to move, then Lance Lynn, Michael Wacha, and Seung-hwan Oh are names I would consider moveable. In a stranger world, I also would consider moving Matt Carpenter for the right price.

Nathan: Lance Lynn and Seung-Hwan Oh are the obvious names. The Cardinals have enough starting pitching talent in their system that they might not try to re-sign Lynn at season’s end anyway. He’s exactly the type of middle-of-the-rotation guy contenders are always looking for at the deadline.

Oh has regressed, after his outstanding rookie year, and I’m not sure what his future looks like with the Cardinals should they re-sign him. Closers often rise up unexpectedly, and the Cardinals have plenty of fire-ballers in the minor leagues who could fit that bill should Oh be on his way out. They also still have Trevor Rosenthal.

Brendan: Lance Lynn is the name being tossed around by most. He’s going to try to earn some serious cash when this contract expires, as he should. He doesn’t have overwhelming stuff, but he’s shown his ability to win ball games as a starter for several years now.

The Cardinals have multiple young arms they’d like to see move up in the organization and Alex Reyes should **knocks on all the wood** return next season. Lynn is beginning to look expendable. Why not try to move him now and see what he can fetch?

Shane: I mentioned it in a recent post, and I think Lance Lynn would be the best current MLB player to be traded. He is not a super dominant pitcher, but gets the job done. What makes him a prime candidate to trade is that he will be a free agent next year and the Cardinals have a plethora of young pitching that could replace him in the majors.

To me, it doesn’t make sense to trade Matt Carpenter because he is a fan favorite and a vital part of the offense. Jedd Gyorko is probably another popular option, but I disagree with that move because he’s been one of the Cardinals top players this season.

Dan: Yes.  The Cardinals should move Lynn and Oh.  I would also try to clear up roster congestion and sell high to the Red Sox or Yankees on Gyorko.  If the return is Andrew Miller-esque, then the Cardinals should consider moving Cecil and Rosenthal.

Christian: They don’t need to try to move players, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t hesitate to. To be honest, there is no player on this team worth trading that will garner much value on the trade market. There’s not much else to say, but listen to all callers and pull the trigger without abandon if someone offers a good deal for MLB talent outside of just a few names.

Guys like Wainwright and Yadi, who are St. Louis Cardinals legends, are untouchable under circumstances outside of them asking for a trade. Some of the young guys should be kept based on what is offered. Other than that, fire away if you get a prospect or fill a need for the next couple of seasons.

Trevor: The guy who will probably get the most value is Trevor Rosenthal.  He is still young and still shows some flashes of what he can be. He still has a 100 MPH fastball as well.  That alone will attract attention from other teams.  Even if he is struggling, other teams will see his live arm and think they know how to fix it.  That will give him value to other teams.

It will all be about what the St. Louis Cardinals want back from the other team.  That price tag will determine a lot.  However, and I have said this for years, they need to sell high on Rosy.  His fastball may attract attention, but his inability to be a pitcher will eventually ward off other teams.

Larry: I think most of the guys should be tradable, but: (A) some don’t have great value right now (e.g., Grichuk, Diaz, probably Wong until he’s healthy), or (B) some we wouldn’t trade without a major improvement to the team (Carp, Gyorko, Piscotty). I would say Lance Lynn is a good guy to deal if we’re not playing for this year.