St. Louis Cardinals: Official Redbird Rants Podcast Episode 13 recap


Join the podcast crew in another edition of the Official Redbird Rants Podcast as we talk anything and everything St. Louis Cardinals.

Did you miss the action last night? Don’t worry. Here’s your chance to catch up on the latest episode of the Official Redbird Rants Podcast where we discuss the latest around the St. Louis Cardinals.

Join host, Dr. Michael Miles, and contributors, Josh McDonald and Tito Rivera, for episode thirteen. The Cardinals have been in the news lately with trade rumors flying by, but is there any merit to them? It’s hard to say, but Tito and Josh do their best to figure out what the Cardinals plans are before the break.

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Here is a recap of the episode:

  • Marlins’ series recap: Takeaways? Satisfied or dissatisfied with the series result? Are the Cardinals still considering any of the Marlins’ outfielders? Should they?
  • Preview of the Mets series: What are you looking for? Have the Cards shown enough fight in this home stand?
  • All-Star break moves: Trade rumors about Josh Donaldson? Have the Cardinals made an impact in the NL Central standings? How soon should we expect a move after the break?
  • Weekly NL Power Rankings
  • Pay close attention to the end of the show too. Josh and Tito make a prediction you sure don’t want to miss.

To listen to the show, click here.

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The Cars are facing the Mets this weekend. Can they continue playing decent baseball and climb to .500? I think so. I am also looking forward to the home run derby this year. There are a lot of big time players in the derby.