St. Louis Cardinals: Way too early Trade Deadline Wish List

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Who might the St. Louis Cardinals consider pursuing at the trade deadline a few short months from now? Here’s my super-early list of candidates I’d like to see.

This is my St. Louis Cardinals equivalent of that ridiculous Christmas wish list that the ten-year-old version of each of us once came up with. Even if you end up getting just one, you’re more than a happy camper.

I think each of these additions could bolster the Birds into a World Series contender, if you don’t consider them one already.

The “way too early” part is self-explanatory. Obviously, there is WAY too much to be settled with each of these trade partners to say whether any of these men listed would even be available in mid-to-late July.

What I attempted to do was compile my list of five guys, in contract years (for the most part), whom I think could be on their way out of town post-2016.

Assuming that each of these teams are in “sell-mode” at the deadline (a stretch in itself), I think that each guy could give the Cardinals an added dynamic, and could be afforded by exchanging cash and dipping into the always-strong St. Louis farm system.

Please keep these points in mind before calling me a crazy person. Do I expect these guys to be Cardinals come late-July? Not really.

But one can dream, right? I like to think so anyways.

Okay, rambling over.

On to the first one!

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