St. Louis Cardinals Best/Worst Case 2016: Stephen Piscotty

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Stephen Piscotty burst onto the scene as a rookie last July with the St. Louis Cardinals. Now, he figures to be a mainstay in the Cardinal outfield for years to come.

Without Stephen Piscotty’s contributions a season ago, the St. Louis Cardinals don’t win 100 games and they don’t win that NL Central crown.

After Jason Heyward skipped town, Biscotti’s role with the ball club is only magnified out in right field this year. The 25-year-old Stanford grad was phenomenal in 233 at-bats a season ago. But, what will he do in the 600 at-bats he will see in 2016?

Piscotty slashed .305/.359/.494 while driving in 39 runs in 63 games last summer/fall. He hit seven home runs, had 15 doubles, four triples, and stole a pair of bases.

Projected out to a full season of at-bats, those numbers would turn into 18 home runs, 100 RBI, 39 doubles, and 10 triples.

If the Cardinals could get numbers like that out of their right fielder this year, they would be very happy with where they are at. Depending on his progression, he could blossom into something much more.

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