Five Reasons the St. Louis Cardinals Can Win the World Series

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Many people are doubting the St. Louis Cardinals, because of the upstart Chicago Cubs and the lack of offense. However, I believe this will be a great season for the Cardinals.

Things haven’t looked good for the St. Louis Cardinals as the team did not address their offensive concerns and have now lost their starting shortstop for 2-3 months. However, I still believe that this season can be one of the best in team history.

This team still has one of the best starting rotations and a budding young offensive core that could develop into an offense that may not rival what the Cubs have, but could be what the Cardinals need to go along with their dominant rotation.

Today, I want to go into detail about why this team will win this season, and why they aren’t going to be disappointment. I want to give you five reasons why the St. Louis Cardinals can walk away at the end of the season as champions. You may agree with them or you may think I am crazy and that the Cardinals won’t even sniff the playoffs.

The beauty in this is that I am a fan just like you are, although I view things differently than most. I see a young/veteran mix int he rotation and the lineup. I see a combination of players that are willing to put it all out on the line and willing to go for it. This team is not going to mail it in just because the Cubs are all of a sudden good and Joe Maddon is bringing the Circus into the Cubs’ locker room.

No, this team is focused and determined and ready to beat the odds yet again. That’s why this team can be crowned champions at the end of the season.

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