St. Louis Cardinals: Games you have to go to in 2016

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St. Louis Cardinals
Oct 9, 2015; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina behind the plate in the first inning against the Chicago Cubs in game one of the NLDS at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports /

The Best Value Games of the Season

Thursday May 5th Phillies @ Cardinals 12:45 PM

This game will likely be one of the cheapest tickets you can find on the secondary market. The kids are still in school and the rebuilding and bad Philadelphia Phillies will be in town. Bleacher seats for this game (my favorite) will undoubtedly be in the single digits for this game. With this game being three days after my birthday, the wife and I may just take a “sick” day and go see the Cardinals finish a four game sweep of the Phillies.

Wednesday May 25th Cubs @ Cardinals 12:45 PM

Here we have yet another “get away day game” where the two teams will both be headed out of town after the game. However, what makes this a great value is that it is the Cubs and it is a midweek day game, when many kids will still be in school meaning tickets will be quite cheap. I would expect to see bleacher seats for this game in the $10-$20 range, meaning it will be one heck of a value.

Wednesday June 15th Astros @ Cardinals 7:15 PM

I always enjoy seeing the American League teams come to town for a series, as it makes for a fun opportunity to see players you don’t get to see all of the time. The Astros are a young and exciting team, and to see them come to town, with players like Carlos Correa and George Springer it will be a fun game. With it being relatively early in the summer, tickets should be fairly cheap for the game. If you show up in time you will receive a sweet Commemorative Michael Wacha Baseball Card.

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