St. Louis Cardinals’ 2016 Top Prospects: #15 Bryce Denton


The St. Louis Cardinals had a really good draft in 2015, the top 15 will have a few from that draft, and here is the first.

I am a bit biased, as this was the first draft that I have personally covered, but this was absolutely my favorite St. Louis Cardinals‘ draft so far. It is riddled with high end talent and potential stars that could break the mold for the Cardinals and become one of the best drafts in recent history.

The next in our Top Prospects series that we are going to talk about today is third baseman Bryce Denton. One of my favorite picks from the draft last year. He is not just a really talented player coming out of high school in Tennessee, but he is a huge St. Louis Cardinals’ fan. He is excited about the opportunity to play for his favorite team, and has the tools to become a star some day.

#15 Bryce Denton 3B

Season Stats:


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Scout Grade: Hit: 50 | Power: 55 | Run: 40 | Arm: 50 | Field: 45 | Overall: 45

Analysis: I loved this pick, Denton projects as a big power bat. He was drafted out of high school and I was able to talk to Denton’s high school coach after the draft and was impressed with what he had to say. His coach described Denton as a gym rat who is dedicated to getting better.

"“Obviously he’s (Denton) a special player, but where he’s a bit different than the average player is that he is the hardest worker that we have around here. He is dedicated to the game, dedicated to the team and is a non stop worker not only on the field but off the field as well. What you are getting is a complete player, a player who is driven no other that I have ever coached and I expected this day to come.”"

Denton may have had a rough start to pro ball, but he did get a little later start as the negotiations took a little longer than expected. Denton is a hard working kid and without a doubt will be committed to getting better.

There are questions as to whether he will be able to make enough contact to get to his raw power. Denton will likely take a little while to develop, and that is ok. The organization has players to fill the void until he is ready to come up to the majors.

At age 17, Denton has plenty of time to develop into the hitter the Cardinals think he can be. Right now he plays third base, but John Manuel thinks that eventually he may have to be moved into Left Field. As he moves through the system, Denton will be a player to watch for sure.

Roster Prediction: Gulf Coast League

This is probably where Denton starts off, and where he will likely play the entire season. The organization will be patient with him as he develops, there is no need to rush him.

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