St. Louis Cardinals: Jack Flaherty’s NCAA Twitter rant /

During the Alabama-Clemson championship, St. Louis Cardinals prospect Jack Flaherty went Twitter crazy.

Being a huge fan and user of Twitter, it’s always nice to see athletes and celebs use it for what it’s worth. Connecting with fans and unleashing classic rants. St. Louis Cardinals pitching prospect Jack Flaherty took to his Twitter page, which you can follow right here, during the NCAA championship game Monday night.

I am not the biggest NCAA fan, but even I found the 20 year old’s tweets amusing, especially on Heisman hopeful Derrick Henry.

And then after the game…

When fellow Cardinals prospect Cody Schumacher tried to discourage Flaherty, he still let it rip.

When Alabama won the brutal tug rope matchup, Flaherty didn’t hold back in his brief yet blunt opinion.

We will forgive Jack for retweeting Skip Bayless because of how passionate of a college football fan he is. Sports fans often forget that these players on the television have a personality and some of them are raucous and passionate about the same things.

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Flaherty’s humor, passion and ability to use twitter for what it’s worth isn’t just nice to see. It’s hilarious and revealing. He also managed to not say anything stupid, post a dumb picture or cause himself to apologize for it 24 hours later.

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There’s no reason to say sorry for just giving your take. If that was the case, I’d be in detention for life.

Who is your favorite Cardinals twitter follow?