Six Tips for the St Louis Cardinals’ Winter Warm-Up

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Dec 4, Jennings, MO, USA; Sign commemorating
Dec 4, Jennings, MO, USA; Sign commemorating /

Tip #3: Plan out a schedule if you’re getting many signatures. Long lines await ticket holders with high numbers. Some players have overlapping times and if you’re going solo it can be tough to visit them in time. Tickets are numbered 1-400 and entry into line is done in groups of 1-50, 51-100, 101-150, and so on.

If you happen to hold a couple of late tickets, say numbers 380 and 395 for two players signing in the same timeslot (like 1:00-3:00) it can be a challenge to get through both.

The ushers are good at assisting and there are plenty of announcements, but don’t plan to hit the first line at 2:30 and think you will get to the second one on time.

If you have something unique to get signed by the most popular players, check in advance. On rare occasions a player might be limited to signing only photos, balls or bats.

I ran across this with Lance Berkman a few years ago when limits were listed, but Lance told people in line he’d go ahead and sign whatever. It must have been a mixup between Berkman’s manager and Cardinals Care. I was glad he signed our 2011 Game 6 Rally Towel.

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