The St. Louis Cardinals’ 50 greatest players

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#45 Miller Huggins 2B

At first glance Huggins doesn’t look like that great of a player. However, when you take a bit of a deeper look you see that the second baseman posted three straight seasons with a wRC+ over 120, as well as only one season with an fWAR under 2.9.

He did all of this from the 1910-1915 in the “dead ball” era. Huggins finished his career as a Cardinal with a slash of .270/.402/.319 and a wRC+ of 116.

To put his numbers into perspective here, Huggins finished with an OBP over .400, a feat that can only be claimed by five other hitters among the top 30 position players in fWAR.

Those hitters are (Musial, Hornsby, Pujols, Mize and McGwire), all players that we will be covering in this list. Not only that, but Huggins did this in a pitching rich era. Something that only Rogers Hornsby can say he did.

Overall, Huggins could be much higher on this list for this feat alone, however his lack of power and 20.9 fWAR as a Cardinal are what puts him here at #45. Regardless, Huggins was one the best to wear the Cardinals’ uniform and is a player that I wish I had known about before.

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