The St. Louis Cardinals’ 50 greatest players

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#48 Slim Sallee SP

You’re probably sitting here wondering, how can a guy with a career FIP of 2.85 be so low on your list. Sallee played for the Cardinals from 1908-1916 in the first and probably most impactful “dead ball” era in baseball. So, despite his FIP of 2.85 Sallee makes it in at #48 on our list.

Sallee was really good in his time as a Cardinal, as he finished with an fWAR of 21.1 in his nine and a half seasons as a Cardinals’ pitcher. Sallee like most pitchers in his era, was a starter and a reliever fro the Cardinals, as he regularly posted over 40 appearances in his career.

In terms of fWAR, Sallee’s best season came in 1912 when he went 16-17 with a 2.60 ERA (3.18 FIP), keeping hitters at bay with a .258 average against in that season. sale that season finished with a n fWAR of 3.9. Sallee also finished three seasons a Cardinal with and FIP under three, which is pretty darn good.

Despite these great numbers, Sallee never was able to win a World Series with the Cardinals. However, when you can post five consecutive seasons with an fWAR over three, you are definitely going to make this list of best Cardinals’ ever.

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