The St. Louis Cardinals’ 50 greatest players

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#49 George Hendrick OF

Here at the bottom of the list, there were a number of players right around the same level of performance, but I had to include an underrated name here in Hendrick. As we mentioned before in our top hitters list, Hendrick was a staple of consistency throughout his career as a Cardinal.

Hendrick played with the team from 1978-1984. In those years Hendrick had two years that particularly stood out, in 1980 Hendrick posted a slash of .302/.342/.498, with a wRC+ of 131 and an fWAR of 3.9 (his highest as a Cardinal). His numbers in 1980 were good enough to earn him the silver slugger award that year.

Hendrick also had a pretty good season in 1983, when he hit .318/.373/.493 and had an wRC+ of 136, while being worth 3.5 fWAR. Hendrick’s 1983 season also saw him wind up with the silver slugger award at the end of the season.

Hendrick was also a key player in the 1982 postseason with the Cardinals when he helped the team when the World Series title. Overall, Hendrcik had a vary good career with the Cardinals and should be regarded as one of the best ever.

Despite his fWAR of 18.8 landing him outside the top 30 in position players in Cardinals’ history, Hendrick was a valuable player and will continue to be thought of as one of the best players in Cardinals’ history.

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