The St. Louis Cardinals’ 50 greatest players

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#28 Ed Konetchy 1B

Ed Konetchy was an interesting player for the Cardinals, when you look at the numbers you probably wonder why he’s on this list. He didn’t have power and wasn’t that great defensively.

We talked before about this with Huggins and Doak, Konetchy played with the Cardinals from 1907-1913, playing in baseball’s first “dead ball era”. During those seven seasons, Konetchy was worth a total fWAR of 28.1. Mind you it took much longer for Marion and Red to reach similar fWAR totals. Konetchy did this in 982 games as a Cardinal.

In those 982 games, Konetchy slashed .283/.362/.409, with a wRC+ of 125, hitting 158 doubles and 94 triples, and 403 walks. All in a time when hitting was scarce and pitching was dominant.

What is most impressive about Konetchy is the total fWAR of 49.3 he accumulated for his entire career, a number that would easily slate him amongst the top six Cardinals. While Konetchy may not be as high on this list as he could be, he is without a doubt one of the more impressive players to ever play for the Cardinals.

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