The St. Louis Cardinals’ 50 greatest players

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#41 Bill White 1B

Unlike Mr. Kurowski, White had a career that had consistency, playing with the Cardinals from 1959-1965 and 1969, playing a full season in each year of his first stint with the Cardinals and posting five seasons with a fWAR over 4.0.

White posted a .308/.382/.458 slash line in his seven seasons as a Cardinal. One would think that White’s best overall season was in 1962, when the left-handed first baseman slashed .325/.386/.482 with a 125 wRC+.

However, despite his 20.3 runs above average on offense, -o.3 defensive runs above average and 4.4 fWAR, this was not his best season.

His best season came the very next season in 1963 when he posted a slash of .303/.360/.491 and a wRC+ of 136. This was party due to his career high 27 homers and 106 runs. That year White was worth his highest fWAR total of his career at 5.1, a number that went down 4.7 and 4.5 in ’64 and ’65.

All told, White finished his Cardinals’ career with a 24.8 fWAR. a number that puts him at 24th overall amongst position players and makes him one of the best in Cardinals’ history.

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