St. Louis Cardinals: 30 worst players in team history

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#24 Tyler Greene

This is one of the head shakers for the St. Louis Cardinals. Tyler Greene was so talented and so highly touted as a prospect for the Cardinals. He had that pop that should have translated into 15 homers a year and 30-40 doubles, he had speed that could have netted him 20-30 stolen bases as a major league regular. However, what we have is a career slash line of .218/.295/.329, with just nine career homers and 25 stolen bases.

Greene was just lost at the plate once he got up to the big leagues, as is evident by his 25.7% strikeout rate. Greene’s only positive value was on the bases, as he was worth 7.3 base running runs above average as a Cardinal. This was the only thing that kept his -0.4 fWAR from being even worse, as he was worth negative values offensively and defensively as a Cardinal.

Greene was shipped out before he had the chance to beat out Pete Kozma for the every day short stop duties when Rafela Furcal went down in 2012, so that tells you what the organization thought of him.

When Greene became a Houston Astro, it was the start of the downfall of his career as a major leaguer, as the shortstop has played for five different organizations since leaving the Cardinals in 2012, last playing in the big leagues in 2013 as a member of the Chicago White Sox. Not to mention signing a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies in January, where he never managed to even make their minor league roster.

Not only is Greene one of the worst players in franchise history, but he’s also one of the biggest busts in franchise history as well.

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