St. Louis Cardinals: 30 worst players in team history

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#26 Ty Wigginton

I am not sure there are words to support Ty’s descent as a Cardinal. The man didn’t do much in his abbreviated stint as a player in St. Louis.  In 57 at bats, Wiggington’s .193 slugging percentage wasn’t far behind his .158 average. He had a pair of doubles and scattered singles.

His -0.6 fWAR through 47 games is probably one of the worst stretches of any Cardinal ever. Because of the fact that he only played 47 games with the Cardinals, I can’t include him any higher on this list.

The most memorable moment he had was a first to third advancement on a single that inspired an Al Hrabosky rant about how Ty had arrived as a Cardinal. Running around second like a tilted barrel didn’t do much for me.

Wiggington’s two year five million dollar contract may be John Mozeliak’s worst in his tenure as General Manager. He must have been watching 2010 tapes or something because at the end of the day, Wiggington was bad news Mo. He didn’t add any power. He didn’t add many hits. He was a blip on the screen that didn’t register much but cashed paychecks long after he left.

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