St. Louis Cardinals: 30 worst players in team history

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#27 Danny Jackson

This southpaw was bad. Baseballs didn’t like his hand that much. Jackson was with the Cardinals from 1995 to the middle of the 1997 season, and compiled a record of 4-15 with a 5.78 ERA. Jackson had a 4.72 fielding independent pitching mark and a 1.62 WHIP in his time as a Cardinal. He had 92 strikeouts and 72 walks. SEVENTY TWO free passes. Hitters could come to the plate and place the bat on their shoulders.

Jackson was also injured a ton, starting just 27 games in his two plus seasons in St. Louis. He managed to befuddle hitters for a pair of complete games and even a shutout somehow. The hitters were not blindfolded I promise.

Shockingly, these awful numbers led to Jackson having a 0.7 fWAR in his career as a Cardinal. While the positive fWAR value may lead you to thinking he had a somewhat valuable career. Know this, there are only three pitchers in team history with a negative fWAR, more on that in a little while.

The Cardinals got Jackson near the end of his career, picking up the scraps from a lefty who won 23 games in 1988(the same year the Cards got Pedro Guerrero, sorry had to be mentioned). He was close to done when he came here and retired shortly after being traded to the San Diego Padres.

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