St. Louis Cardinals: 30 worst players in team history

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#8 Garret Stephenson SP

Garret Stephenson pitched for the Cardinals for four years from 1999-2003, and was not a good pitcher over the course of his career. He finished his career 31-30 with an ERA of 4.56 and a FIP of 5.05. This coupled with his disappointing K/9 of 5.47 and BB/9 of 3.15 made him worth a bad fWAR of 3.6 over his four years.

What is particularly bad about Stephenson is that the average hitters had against him was not that great, when you consider his ERA and FIP numbers, the highest average against him was .274 in 2002, when hitters had a .321 BABIP against him.

When you add in Stephenson’s 76 homers allowed over his 94 total appearances, it becomes even more unimpressive.

Stephenson’s FIP of 5.05 was good for seventh worst among Cardinals’ pitchers who completed 200 innings or more. His 4.56 ERA puts him 16th worst on that same list, making his case all that more for being one of the worst Cardinals’ pitchers.

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