St. Louis Cardinals: Eyeing Leftover Free Agents

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Alex Gordon

Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

According to SB Nation, the Kansas City Royals are lowballing their one-time franchise face, offering Alex Gordon anywhere from $5 to $7 million less than what the market seems to be dictating. (That’s such a Kansas City Royals move.) I’m still LOLing the Cubs for their Ben Zobrist deal, which to be what the market is dictating for a guy like Gordon.

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a fanboy, though. Gordon has earned his reputation as a premium defender in left field, which is kind of a problem for the St. Louis Cardinals with Matt Holliday entrenched there. So the St. Louis Cardinals may not be in on him. We already know the Angels aren’t:

But the St. Louis Cardinals should be. The former overall number-one pick will be 32 when he starts spring training camp, and Gordon is coming of a season in which he was nagged all years by a groin injury. Translation? He won’t command the huge dollars former St. Louis Cardinals rightfielder and current St. Louis Cardinals judas Jason Heyward did.

Still, Gordon helped lift his team to a World Series title and posted a 2.6 WARP for the season. Not bad. I think 2016 will be better. Here’s hoping it’s with the St. Louis Cardinals.

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