St. Louis Cardinals: Eyeing Leftover Free Agents

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Yoenis Cespedes

Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

How come we haven’t heard more about the St. Louis Cardinals looking at Yoenis Cespedes? I’d love to have this guy if for no other reason than the excuse it’d give Cardinals Nation to follow the awesome Cespedes Family Barbecue Twitter account (@CespedesBBQ). The name, by the way, derives from that hilarious video Cespedes sent out to MLB teams back when he was defecting.

In typical science-professor-like detail, FanGraphs recently tried to predict Cespedes’ performance going forward. The gist, I guess, was that he’s worth signing. He’s been a 5.0 WARP player or better in three of his last four seasons, according to Baseball Prospectus. And looking back at that FanGraphs piece, the Cuban outfielder will give you a nice balance of offense and defense.

He’s streaky, though. Think of Cespedes as Yasiel Puig lite. Not as much drama, but he’ll still gack an outfield play (including in key games), giving you the self-satisfying feeling of assuring yourself that you could’ve made that play in your sleep. Yeah, right.

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