St. Louis Cardinals: Eyeing Leftover Free Agents

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Chris Davis

Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Davis just might regret rejecting the Baltimore Orioles’ $150-million offer a few weeks ago. But that’s kind of par for the course if you’re a Scott Boras client. Despite their most recent move, I don’t think the Orioles have moved on from Davis. The longer the slugging first baseman stays on the market, the higher the likelihood that he’s headed back to Baltimore.

In fact, I think this is what we’ll see. The St. Louis Cardinals will — and may already have — make a low-ball offer to Davis, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of the $150-million deal the Orioles took off the table last week to save face. Boras will parlay the St. Louis Cardinals’ offer into a slightly better deal from Baltimore, which helps the uber agent save face. Davis will be an Oriole for the remaining high-value years of his career.

If Davis ever joins the St. Louis Cardinals, it will be in four or five years as bench filler. Sigh.

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