St. Louis Cardinals’ Top 20 Hitters

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#2 – 1B/OF Stan Musial

There are not many lists where Stan Musial comes in second place, and for good reason. Musial is the heart and soul of St. Louis Cardinals’ history, both as a career player with over twenty phenomenal seasons with the Birds, but also as a great man worthy of admiration.

Going strictly by wRC+ with the Cardinals, Musial would have placed fifth, with a 158 mark, but by showing up day in and day out for 21 years, he earned himself a spot right at the top.

It’s (relatively) easy to be incredibly good for four and a half seasons like Mark McGwire, but to do it for two decades is unbelievable. In his career, Musial hit .331/.417/.559 with a franchise leading 475 home runs. Numbers like that would earn an MVP award in nearly any year, and Stan the Man kept it up year after year after year.

If we were evaluating the Cardinals’ best position players ever, Musial would win the top spot every time, but for this post we’ve limited ourselves to offensive production. There’s no doubt that the great first baseman is one of the best in Cardinal history, but there has been one player in franchise history even better with a bat.

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