St. Louis Cardinals’ Top Ten Starting Pitchers of All-Time

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#6 Jesse Haines

Everyone makes a mistake once in a while right? I sure made one last week, as I did not include Haines on my all-time roster. Haines had one heck of a career with the Cardinals that I somehow let slip by me when I was doing my scouting for my roster. However, if you are like me and new to Haines or if you’re simply better than me and know about him already, let’s take a look at what brings Haines to this spot on our list.

Haines pitched all but five innings of his career as a St. Louis Cardinal. In those 18 seasons, Haines was 210-158 with an ERA of 3.64 (3.96 FIP) and an ERA+ of 108. While his career numbers may not be sparkling like some of the guys above him, Haines has the quantity.

Haines also finished with an ERA under three in three separate occasions as a Cardinal and stands second on the Cardinals’ all-time win list with 210 wins in over 600 less innings than the leader Bob Gibson who has 251. Haines’ best season came in 1927 when he finished the season 24-10, with an ERA 0f 2.72 (3.73 FIP) and a 148 ERA+, as well as totaling a career high 4.2 fWAR.

Like those before him on this list, Haines had a solid postseason career. He pitched in four different World Series’ as a Cardinals’ pitcher, totaling six appearances, with four of them being starts. Haines had a career 1.67 ERA in the World Series and pitched two complete games, with one of them being a shutout in the 1926 series win over the New York Yankees.

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