St. Louis Cardinals: 5 Unexplored Pitching Trades

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Matt Harvey

Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets had trouble controlling righthander Matt Harvey off the field last year. On it, however, he was as advertised. In his 29 starts, Harvey averaged nearly a strikeout per inning and posted a very good 3.08 FIP, according to Baseball Prospectus. He also walked just 37 in his 189.1 innings of work.

The Mets are insisting they won’t dangle any of its young pitching in the trade market to acquire the bat they need, but history tells us you can’t believe anything team executives say, particularly about trades. Meanwhile, the 26-year-old Harvey is heading into his first season of arbitration with the prospect of a $4- to $5-million boost in salary.

The Mets won’t be able to afford him — and Jacob DeGrom and Noah Syndergaard and Zack Wheeler — for much longer. And let’s face it. Matt Harvey will cost the St. Louis Cardinals Stephen Piscotty, plus a prospect or two. Should the St. Louis Cardinals sign a free agent bat this winter, such a deal may be worth it.

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