The St. Louis Cardinals’ All-Time 28-Man Roster

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Bench Spot #6 – OF Curt Flood

I had to get Flood on here, as relying on a guy without a full season in experience to patrol center in Busch Stadium III on a part time basis is not a good idea, and I would rather Boyer stick at third, where he is a Gold Glover.

Curt Flood was a really really good player. No he is not a Hall of Famer like Edmonds hopefully will be, but he definitely deserves to back up Jimmy. Flood was a really good center fielder and that’s the important part here. Flood won seven straight gold gloves from 1963-1969.

Offensively, Flood finished with a slash of .293/.343/.390 with 399 extra-base hits (271 doubles, 84 homers, and 44 triples). No, the slugging and extra-base hits aren’t great. But, the .293/.343 average/OBP is a good thing to have off of the bench.

Flood’s best season came in 1965, the year after winning his first World Series with the club, where he slashed .310/.366/.421 with 44 extra-base hits (30 doubles, 11 homers, three triples). Flood was worth 3.7 fWAR that season, which wasn’t his best, as he had 4.8 in 1963 and 1967. Flood’s season in 1965 is even more impressive when you consider his overall numbers combined into his third highest plate appearance total at 683.

Regardless, Flood will be extremely valuable in relief of Edmonds. Off the bench it will be nice to have his contact as well.

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