The St. Louis Cardinals’ All-Time 28-Man Roster

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The St. Louis Cardinals’ amazing franchise just got better. This all-time roster will be the best roster ever constructed.

This team is historic and we all know it. They have 11 world championships (12 if you count 1985 like me). There have been some extremely great players to play in St. Louis, arguably two of the greatest hitters in history spent time in a Cardinals’ uniform. One of which unfortunately left behind a great legacy to pursue free agency and we all know who that is.

One of the great things about this team is the tradition of contemplating just who is the Cardinals’ all time greats at each position. As you sit around at Thanksgiving and Christmas, you talk with Uncle Larry about who the Cardinals’ best starting pitcher of all time is. He says Bob Gibson, you say Chris Carpenter. Then your saavy cousin Bill says, that Carlos Martinez is going to better than all of them. There’s no wrong answer here, as they are all Cardinals’ and will be treasured as such for years’ to come.

One of the biggest discussions among the baseball community these days is the topic of the 25 man roster, there are questions on whether or not this is the best method of team construction these days and whether or not the expanded September rosters are fair. One of the ideas that has been tossed around, is the idea of a 28 man roster, with the ability to scratch two to three players, much like the NHL does. I kind of like this idea, and really like it when it comes down to creating the best Cardinals’ roster of all time.

So, let’s create a St. Louis Cardinals all-time 28 man roster. We are going to go position by position starting with the offensive starters and the starting rotation and then dive into the bullpen and becnh. This is going to be a fun ride, I hope you are ready to enjoy it.

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