St. Louis Cardinals Bench Help: Five Candidates

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L.J. Hoes, OF

Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In addition to a name that gives headline writers like myself soooo much to work with, Hoes also has serious potential. He’s played in the outfield exclusively since 2012, but the Baltimore Orioles drafted and developed him as an infielder.

Hoes, who the Houston Astros DFA’d on Friday, is still just 25. And in 370 at-bats at triple-A Fresno last year, he hit .295 and stole 25 bags. Really, he’s just a victim of circumstance in Houston. With the emergence of George Springer and the addition of Carlos Gomez at the trade deadline last year, the Astros had no place to put Hoes. Given the chance, he can more than just contribute at the big league level.